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 2016 SINOCES will hold a large scale WORLD IMPORTS Fair on June 30~July 3th. The fair will continue to be a bridge between suppliers and buyers,in form of a face to-face meeting . On the occusion, an area, International Souring Fair Zone,will be set up specially for the negotiation.The fair would build a convenient business platform for exhibitors and buyers as well as create an amazing opportunity for CE manufactures and suppliers to extend business and promote new products by directly discussing with the purchasing giants and distributors home and abroad. 

The Sourcing Fair aims at "Innovate the circulation system, promote the upgrade of sourcing ", building modern circulation system, further promoting high-quality products to circulate in the domestic and international markets, promoting foreign brand products to enter the Chinese market, and promoting the all-round prosperity of both the domestic trade and foreign trade markets. The Sourcing Fair will play a positive role in helping domestic products enter both domestic and foreign markets through the channel of multinational retail groups, in helping export-oriented commodities to meet the domestic consumers’ demand by selling them in the domestic market, and in helping with the development and growth of domestic chain businesses. The Sourcing Fair is of great significance in that it helps to exert the pulling function of modern international chain businesses on the production and exports in China, helps the domestic enterprises to enter the international market, and contributes to the further deepening of the integration of domestic trade and foreign trade.

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