MBT International Limited

Edited By:  admin_pae    Published:  2015-04-14 12:47:22

 Our Business

MBT International Limited is a wholesaler and retailer of red wine, the source is all over the world; include Chile,Australia, France, Italy, Greece and South Africa.  We are able to build up more and more selling platform for our wine and related accessories.  With our selling platform, the interaction of red wine business is beneficial to the development of red wine business in Mainland China.  The importation of foreign red wine introduces the culture of red wine.  It also allow more opportunities to develop the wine business in Mainland China.  

On the other hand, we are also specialized in wine distribution & storage, which has a warehouse in Hong Kongand well experienced on red wine logistics and storage, we are confidence to provide professional and satisfiable service to our client.

 One-Stop Wine distribution

We provide sales platform for wineries and suppliers from the other countries to develop their wine business in Mainland China.  Our services also include providing integrated service as logistic, importation and wine storage to those who are interested in selling importing wine in Mainland China.  With the backup of professional supply chain management, MBT can provide a one-stop wine distribution and storage service of red wine to the market.  With the strengthen of the supply chain management of red wine business, our client can enjoy the sales base in Mainland China through our sales platform.