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Thailand to open OTOP Minimart stores in China, Myanmar, Laos

Edited By:  admin_pae    Published:  2016-10-31 11:16:02
 Thailand plans to open OTOP Minimart stores in China, Myanmar, Laos and other neighboring countries to promote the sales of its indigenously-manufactured goods.
Thailand's OTOP, the acronym for One Tambon (community), One Product, will be given international sales campaigns by OTOP Intertrader (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and under support of the Department of Community Development, the firm's president Watcharapong Radomsithipat said on Wednesday.

The firm has planned to open OTOP Minimart stores in Myanmar and Laos next year, followed by Cambodia and Vietnam in the next few years and finally in China and Malaysia in the following years, Watcharapong said.

It remains to be seen how many OTOP Minimart stores will open in each of Thailand's neighboring countries, according to the firm's president.

Most OTOP goods will be fresh and processed fruits, fresh and processed foods, and handicraft items.

Meanwhile, an initial stage of a domestic sales campaign called for the opening of OTOP Minimart stores in 10 provinces with 2,000 to 3,000 OTOP goods for sales at each store, he said.

Those provinces include Ayuthaya, Saraburi and Kanchanaburi in the central region, Tak and Chiang Mai in the north, Roi-et and Kalasin in the northeast and Surat Thani, Chumporn and Patalung in the south.

OTOP Intertrader Co. has planned to open 10 OTOP Minimart stores in each of those provinces by the end of this year, he said.