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Business Type: Traders

Main Products: edible bird nest

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 We are edible bird nest manufacturing and exporter distributing to those who buy for resale or business use.


 We are importer and exporter, also distributing goods or services to those who buy for resale or business use. We are to build business from scratch with advantage or prior preparation. We can approach others and offer a resource in exchange, such as another good or a service, when you decide to satisfy your needs and wants through exchange. Whether exchange actually takes place depends upon, we are negotiating and moving toward an agreement on terms of exchange. A barter transaction consists of the trading of goods or services for other goods or services.

Business Registration information
Company Name: SYARIKAT PERNIAGAAN SEN TAK Representative : John Lim
Address: No.132 Taman Sornam, Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. Malaysia Date of Establishment : 1987-01-01
Business Type: Traders Registered Capital :
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