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Islander Footwear Mfg.Corp. [ Philippines ]
Manufactures "Islander" line of sandals, made of EVA, LDPE and Natural Rubber, with moulded insole mould and sole thickness appropriate for beach use and all- outdoors use.The soles are so comfortable to wear, and price reasonably.  Strap material is of woven yarn and fabric material with EVA thin sheets overlay.  Attractive and durable. 
 We,Wuhan EcoGreen Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd, is registered in August,2010 under Chinese Law. We are a Distributor and Wholesales import and export company. We focus our energy on the environmental friendly and energy saving products and commodities. Most of our goods and services are related with water treatment fields and high technologies.Our mission is: our long term customers could benefit from our commodities and services legally,easily,effectively with low investment input forever!The world is large, the commodities are too many, the channels are too many, the suppliers are too many, the prices are various, the businessmen and businesswomen are of all sorts, and so on.If our clients and purchasers are our dearest brothers and sisters, what treatment and experiences should we expect them to meet with?Then in the same way, we do the business !Our Registered No: 420102000139013.
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