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Burdock arginineHS Code: 350790

Unit Price: 100U.S. Dollar
Min. Order Quantity: 5000 Unit
Product Unit: Unit
Origin: Taiwan
Payment Terms: L/C
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Kang Li Biotech Co., Ltd.


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Burdock (Arctium lappa) in many countries in addition to being Edible vegetables, also widely used as herbal medicine use.

• Traditional medical uses was used to prolong life, impotence, beauty and so on.

• Relaxation of the smooth muscle of the penis is erect the main regulator. NO – sGC-cGMP pathway in causing and maintaining a cavernous diastolic plays a very important role.

• Measurement of this experimental study on great burdock extract of rabbit corpus cavernosum role. Rabbit corpus cavernosum and corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells to investigate the effects of burdock extract on proteins related to.

牛蒡 (Arctiumlappa)在許多國家除了作為食用蔬菜外,也廣泛被當作中草藥使用。


v基於陰莖平滑肌的舒張是勃起最主要的調控因子。 NO–sGCcGMP的路徑在引起及維持海綿體的舒張扮演相當重要的角色。



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