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Burdock Compound EssenceHS Code: 330499

Unit Price: 150U.S. Dollar
Min. Order Quantity: 1000 Unit
Product Unit: Unit
Origin: Taiwan
Payment Terms: L/C
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Kang Li Biotech Co., Ltd.


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1) formally signed in March 2007, "burdock integrated food processing industry-university cooperation programs" and Kaohsiung Medical University, the
Eight professors group composed of R & D team, to create an international food-grade gastrointestinal protection clergyman era.
(2) gastric ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux culprit ─ H. pylori.
Oral cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer accomplice ─ H. pylori.
Since the mid-1990s found so far, the world's leading medical and pharmaceutical experts helpless, modern clinicians
Learn begin to mix three antibiotics therapy (HAART), continuous administration two months in order to reach 80%
Sterilization effect, the only antibiotic therapy can make bacteria resistant to more and more difficult to cure, and relapse ratio
20% from the original gradually improve.
(3) Compound burdock essence substitutable medicinal antibiotics to eliminate H. pylori approximately equal amounts of three to four weeks after taking
Bacilli, and the human body absolutely no side effects.
(4) If this product through television product placement, consumer education,
Will be able to create beyond the health burdock essence of marketing miracle, and anti
Helicobacter pylori markets throughout the world, very huge potential business opportunities.
(5) The product manufacturing process will be put forward Taiwan, Japan, the United States, the recent moderate region
The patent protection, technology can guarantee at least 6-10 years.(6) The product has officially entered the human food-grade Pro 2011
  Bed experiment, after completion of the experiment, the 2012 will be officially
Asked the Department of Health health food certification
(7) Market Size:
Helicobacter pylori infection is about half the world's population, in Taiwan aged 1-74 years of age population, the infection rate was 54.4 percent, the infection rate was 53.7 percent male, 55.2 percent female, male to female ratio considerably, and will follow with age and increasing prevalence of children in Taiwan to increase with age, 1-3 years of infant infection rate was 0.9%, 3.7% 3-6 years, 6-9 years 13.2%, 9-12 years old 19.4 %. (Source
: Taiwan Hospital Infection Control Society)

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