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Health-Care Great BurdockHS Code: 350790

Unit Price: 150U.S. Dollar
Min. Order Quantity: 5000 Unit
Product Unit: Unit
Origin: Taiwan
Payment Terms: L/C
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Kang Li Biotech Co., Ltd.


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(1) 1999 - in the laboratory found Burdock extract helps to protect the role of human gastric mucosa
(2) 2007 - June 28 officially put healthy food certification to the Department of Health
(3) on the 17th November 2008 formally approved by the Department of Health issued a health food certification - is still in Taiwan
Only a "gastric mucosal protective effect" certified healthy food
(4) security, stability and efficacy, plus human clinical assistant lab reports, so rigorous development process
Not only rare general food, health food products like rare
(5) for four consecutive years (2008-2011) won the TV show's first brand product placement
(6) for four consecutive years (2008-2011) to maintain the high-priced sales (3000-5980 yuan), pin
The sale of long-standing fall to prove the product is indeed effective
(7) for four consecutive years (2008-2011) the exclusive authorized agent of the total harvest profit amazing performance
(8) 2010 TV product placement broadcast times ranked third
(9) This product will not only benefit the people gastrointestinal health, but also to create a stomach for four consecutive years warranty
Brilliant record first-food sales.
(10) market size: about 300 million people in Taiwan suffer from peptic ulcer is not the same degree of
Ulcer, and gastric ulcer for which the highest proportion.

















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