New Product Release

New Product Release


Step One: Login to your Member Center

Step Two: Click on “Release Products” under the “Product Management” menu on the navigation bar.


Step Three: Fill in product information. Fields with “*” are mandatory.

1. Product Name: Please fill in the full name of the product. Do not input the product model only; do not input any company’s contact information, or “wholesale, supply, purchase, sales” and other words in the product name.

2. Custom Category: Please select the category to the most detailed tier, if your business is subject to the cooperation type, please select the corresponding category instead of a specific product category.

3. Description: Please introduce the product function, specification, package, after-sales services in the product description. Maximum of 50,000 words.

4. Product Image: Click on the “Browse” to select the pictures you would like to upload, and then click on “upload” to add product images. Please do not display any contact information on the product image.

5. Make sure all the “*” fields are completed, then input the verification code, then click on”Submit”.